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Classical studies at Collège St-Michel in Fribourg;

Diploma type A (Latin – Greek)


Law School, University of Fribourg;

law degree summa cum laude


Trainee at José Ackermann’s law firm, in Fribourg;

admitted to the bar in 1969


Assistant to Professor Henri Deschenaux at the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg;

Doctoral thesis on an issue dealing with tort law;

PhD in 1971 summa cum laude


Assistant and visiting lecturer in family law at the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva


Research at "Max-Planck-Institut für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht", Hamburg (Germany); recipient of "Max-Planck-Gesellschaft" and, later, of the “Swiss National Fund for Scientific Research”


Research and studies in comparative law at the University of Cambridge (Wolfson College)



Professor at the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg, teaching civil law, contract law and commercial law (1973-2008)

Dean of the Law Faculty of the University of Fribourg, President of the Legal Section (1987-1989)

Independent arbitrator in international and domestic arbitration proceedings: over 190 cases (ad hoc, ICC, ICSID, CCIG, CSIG, LCIA, SCC, ZCC)

Chairman of the ICC International Court of Arbitration, Paris (2006-2008)

He joined the law firm Peter & Kim as Senior Counsel in Geneva (end of 2020)

In parallel

Professor in various faculties

Visiting professor in construction law at the "Ecole polytechnique fédérale" in Lausanne (1988-1998)

Member (1977-1988) and Chairman (1989-1998) of the Swiss Antitrust Commission and the new Swiss Commission on Competition (1997-1998)

Chairman of a panel of experts for the revision of Swiss Civil Code (protection of individual rights) (art. 28 ss CC, 49 CO); drafting and defence of the Message of the Federal Council (1978-1983)

Chairman of the Swiss Society for the insurance right (AIDA section)

Chairman of the Supervisory Authority of the land registry of Canton de Fribourg

Member of the Bank Commission of the Banque Cantonale de Fribourg

Member of various associations related to law and arbitration 

Member of ASA (member of the Board until 2016)

Member of the GIAC Arbitration council (until 2020)

Member of the ICCA Advisory Board (member of the Governing Board until April 2018)

Member of the Editorial Board of Il Foro Padano magazine

In addition to the revision of the Swiss Civil Code (protection of individual rights), Prof. Pierre Tercier took part in legislative work in the following fields: tort law (comprehensive reform, Widmer expert panel, dam responsibility), tourism law, competition law (revision of the antitrust law, Baldi expert panel, legislative work), insurance law

This is more general which covers also the below, i.e., ASA, GIAC and ICCA; consider placing at the end and stating "Member of other various associations ..."

Date of birth

5 April 1943


French, English, German


  • Married to Anne Messer

  • Four children: Jean-Pascal, Anne-Sophie, Dominique et Nicolas

  • Four grand-children: Simon, Jean, Thibault et Valentine

  • Prof. Pierre Tercier has completed his military obligation in the Mountain Infantry Regiment 7 (military rank: lieutenant-colonel)


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